5 Best Baseball Radar Guns 2024 [Reviews And Buying Guide]

5 Best Baseball Radar Guns 2024

Do you want to know what the best baseball radar gun is? 

You’ve come to the right place to answer your question and meet your needs, whether you’re a coach, a game analyst, or just a fan. 

In this article, you will get a short review of the best baseball radar guns with buying guide and some quick tips. Just remember it’s worth investing in a good baseball radar gun.

But before we get to the reviews, let’s briefly give you a 10,000-foot view of what a radar gun is.

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What is Radar Gun and How Does It Work?

RADAR is the shorter name of Radio Detection and Ranging. The radar gun is a small instrument specifically built to measure the speed of any object in motion. This object may be a moving vehicle, a baseball, a cricket ball, or more. The user may be a law enforcement member or a coach.

The radar gun uses the principle of the Doppler effect to detect the speed. Here, the whole scenario is based on frequency.

Let us explore the working of radar guns.

The transmitter and receiver make the critical components of a radar gun. Transmitters are specialized to deliver radio waves of a specific frequency in the surrounding. The receiver then captures the same signals after bouncing back from the moving object.

Here, the Doppler effect becomes functional.

The transmitted frequency gets altered according to the speed of the moving object. If the object is traveling towards the radar gun, then appeared frequency would be higher than the transmitted one. On the other hand, the appeared frequency would be lower when the object moves away from the radar device.

In this way, you can calculate the speed of any object by determining its frequency. The radar gun does this calculation by applying a specific formula behind the scenes. It displays the final speed value in miles per hour or Kilometers per hour.

Bushnell Velocity

Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun

  • Speed From 10-110 MPH
  • Accuracy +/- 1 MPH
  • Range 90 Feet
  • Weight 1.10 Pounds
  • 2 Years Warranty
Pocket Radar

Pocket Radar Ball Coach

  • Speed From 25-130 MPH
  • Accuracy +/- 1 MPH
  • Range 120 Feet
  • Weight 0.25 Pounds
  • 2 Years Warranty
Stalker Sport

Stalker Sport 2 Radar

  • Speed From 5-150 MPH
  • Accuracy +/- 1 MPH
  • Range 300 Feet
  • Weight 1.75 Pounds
  • 2 Years Warranty

Tips for Using a Baseball Radar Gun

The baseball radar gun demands perfect usage. So, you should be familiar with how to use this device. Although this remote type tool is not difficult to use, its proper usage is necessary to have accurate results. In addition to the angle, more factors are waiting for your attention.

Stand Far Enough From the Pitcher or Hitter

Typically, users give attention to the angle to get accurate readings. But we are going to tell you a secret here. Your distance from the pitcher or hitter matters a lot.

This distance decides the accuracy level of the speed. 

We are excited to tell you that try to maintain a good distance between the hitter and your radar gun. The experts say that this length should be at least 25 feet. This is a good range to provide enough plot for perfect radar working.

In short, start the radar gun, position it at a long distance, and get accurate results. This is the whole story.

Notice How Adjustments Affect Speed

The second point to focus on is the adjustment of a player. The adjustment means how much pressure they deliver to the ball, what is the body position and what the grip says. Do consider all these aspects while checking the baseball speed. All these factors have the capacity to change the speed.

In this way, you can learn which adjustments fit best for each player, and hence, the speed can be improved two, three, or more times. This is the strategy behind the improvement of the game. You can give better training to your player as the status of a coach.

Position Yourself In An Open Space

No doubt, the baseball radar manufacturers give you a complete set of tips but we would like to mention here that you need to have a hurdle-free environment for accurate readings. The best practice is to choose the open space as your position.

This trick would reduce the chances of inaccuracy. This is necessary to enjoy the direct connection to the hitter. Professionals recommend removing all the bags for free of fault results. All in all, ensure the direct connection between the pitcher and you along with your radar gun.

Try Continuous Mode

A radar gun houses two modes to detect the speed. One is a continuous mode and the other is trigger mode. The main difference between these two modes is their working behavior. 

When you prefer trigger mode, you have to give the input each time you want to know the speed. On the other side, the continuous mode does not demand separate input. You would activate this mode one time and it would detect the speed of baseball each time automatically.

This is the reason we recommend you to go for continuous mode for perfect reading from the point of the throw to the point of hitting.

Record All The Results

It is not wise to take the first reading and then go for the next without making a record. You know, a radar gun is meant to increase the player’s potential by analyzing his ball speed.

If you don’t make a record, you would not be able to check what the difference has been made in each successive throw. Is the speed better or worse than the previous throw?

To achieve this aim we advise you to make a full record of each player and guide them accordingly. As a coach, you have to ensure every hit is better.

Test Other Throws

This device not only measures the speed of pitchers or hitters. You can check the speed of catchers, outfielders, infielders, and other members of your team. You can say, this device is meant to measure speed. It may be any player from the whole team that provides throw.

In this way, you can analyze each player separately. Plus, as a coach, you can provide training to your team and tell them their fault and identify a bad player. You just need to collect data of individual players and guide them, accordingly.

Compare Results

The last step to discuss baseball using tips is the result comparison. It is the crucial step that is necessary to conclude the entire data. After getting the data in numerical, you should be shaped enough to draw a clear picture out of it.

Compare all the results and figure them out in the form of a map. After that, you would be able to analyze the performance of each player. Moreover, you can compare the performance of one player to that of another. In this way, you would be able to guide all the players very easily.

Top 5 Best Baseball Radar Guns


Pocket Baseball Radar Gun

Pocket Baseball Radar Gun Check on Amazon

Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun

Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun Check on Amazon

Stalker Sport 2 Baseball Radar Gun

Stalker Sport 2 Baseball Radar Gun Check on Amazon

Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar

Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar Check on Amazon

SKLZ Bullet Ball Baseball Pitching Speed Sensor

SKLZ Bullet Ball Baseball Pitching Speed Sensor Check on Amazon

We have done a solid research and brought top 5 and the best radar guns from the market. At the time of selection, we considered their accuracy, display, pitching speed, size, price, and more.

1. Pocket Baseball Radar Gun
(Best Overall)

Pocket Baseball Radar Gun

Key Features

  • Frequency is 24.12 GHz
  • Weight is 4 ounces
  • Powered by battery
  • Constant-On mode

You are ready to measure the highest ball speed in the flight. It has been designed specifically to calculate the fast speed. It is a pro-type radar gun that can work as a good training device.

You will get an LCD display that is wide with larger digits. You have no need to worry about the accuracy level of this gun. Its accuracy is parallel to the large and pricey unit. The distance that is happily managed by this radar gun is 120 feet.

This model is very portable and light in weight. You can use this device just like a smartphone. It is easy to carry and manage.

You can use two modes that include personal and constant-on. These modes come forward to provide hands-free usage.

You are ready to use it easily with a very simple button. Press it down and release it when you need to take the readings.

Plus Points

The memory of this radar gun is very good to provide the previous 25 readings. You can say it provides you with a good record.

Let the screen shut off automatically within 30 seconds while using trigger mode. If you are using the continuous mode, then your screen would be off within 5 minutes of zero usage.

The constructional material is the same as high profile helmet or hockey. It can be used to find the speed in cricket, lacrosse, hockey, tennis, softball, baseball, or more.


  • Easy to use
  • Solid profile
  • Light in weight
  • Versatile modes
  • Battery life is amazing


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Readings are slow

2. Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun
(Top Rated)

Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun Best Baseball Radar Gun

Key Features

  • Larger LCD screen display
  • Weight is 1.1 pounds
  • 2 years warranty
  • Multiple-use

This brand is offering an extremely versatile radar gun. From baseball to tennis and softball to cricket; you can use this radar gun with good confidence.

Make the readings easy to see with its large LCD screen. The numbers of velocity appear on this device is large enough to enhance readability.

Usage of Bushnell radar gun is very simple. Here is the single button to take the readings. Push this button and check the readings on the screen instantly. You have noticed that this product gives fast results.

It features auto-racing. For the vertical distance of 1500 feet; its range of speed is 10 to 200 MPH. Let the Digital signal technology work for 90 feet.

Its speed range varies according to distance and the type of game. You are ready to improve your pitching speed with the help of this product. This radar gun would tell you to speed within the limit of 1 mile in an hour.

Plus Points

Ensure the correct usage of this radar gun by placing it in the direction of the target. Avoid standing at the right or left of the main target. Alternatively, the result would not be accurate due to the “Cosine effect.”

With a warranty time of two years, it gives you accurate results within its working limit. It demands a pair of C batteries to provide you with endless services.


  • Easy to read LCD
  • Smart profile
  • Less in price
  • Fast results
  • Easy to use


  • The plastic exterior is not good
  • Works for short-range

3. Stalker Sport 2 Baseball Radar Gun (Premium Choice)

Stalker Sport 2 Baseball Radar Gun

Key Features

  • Ball speed is 5 to 150 MPH
  • 4 pairs of AA batteries
  • Weight is 1.75 pounds
  • 1-year warranty

If you are a time-based runner, then Stalker Sport 2 radar gun is for you. Additionally, it measures throwing and pitching speed very accurately. Read the plate or pitching speed on the digital screen that shows the reading in MPH and KMPH.

Get very accurate and consistent results with the help of the Stalker Sport 2 radar gun. This model produces very precise results every time you get its services.

You are ready to calculate the speed from 5 MPH to 10 MPH. You can get the benefit of dual windows at the rear to check hand release and plate speed. It features a very robust and strong profile hence, providing amazing durability.

Enjoy consistent results with greater accuracy. Another supportive feature is that this product is too simple to use. Now, you have no need to get entangled in complications.

Plus Points

Maximize your comfort with its compact profile and lightweight. You can say that this product is too portable to use. You can use this radar gun while ensuring effective use.

Put AA batteries in it to give working power. Be happy! The battery is ready to serve you for 20 hours with continuous working.

This radar gun is simple and easy to use that delivers accurate results very efficiently. Plus, its compact style makes it amazingly portable to maximize your ease.


  • Readings are consistent
  • Comprehensive manual
  • Good for major league
  • Range is greater
  • Quick results


  • Bit expensive

4. Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar
(Most Accurate)

Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar

Key Features

  • Speed range is 20-200 MPH
  • Fulfills FCC requirements
  • Compact style
  • 3 AA batteries

Maximize your measuring distance with this sports sensors swing model that is the best choice for professionals. Whether you are a trainer or a coach, it is a powerful tool to serve you. It uses small microwaves to follow the Doppler rule.

Keep in mind that over-swing leads to false readings. What does speed range say? Its minimum speed range is 20 MPH while the maximum speed range is 200 MPH. This is an amazing range that is good to consider. Note that try to locate this device 8 to 10 inches or you can locate it at the net or cage.

Plus Points

You have no need to worry about safety as it meets the requirements of FCC. This unit uses the power of three AA batteries. You can use it as the level of instructor, player, or coach.

You can measure the swing speed very accurately. You will get consistent readings when using this product. This product is very small and compact.

You would face zero difficulties when measuring speed. If you want a simple using radar gun then this product might be your choice.


  • A strong and good profile
  • Give accurate results
  • Amazingly durable
  • Range is amazing
  • Worth the price


  • Made of a plastic case
  • Reading is slow

5. SKLZ Bullet Ball Baseball Pitching Speed Sensor
(Cheapest Under $50)

SKLZ Bullet Ball Baseball Pitching Speed Sensor

Key Features

  • The circumference is 9 inches
  • Velocity is 120 MPH
  • Weight is 4.94 ounces
  • Use one LR44 battery

Receive the pitching speed fully automatically with the help of the SKLZ speed sensor. If you are a coach or trainer, then you can trust this amazing radar gun.

You are ready to catch the velocity to the level of 120 miles per hour. So if you are a coach of a somewhat smaller league or a trainer, this might be your decision.

Entertain the multiport athletic presentation with the support of SKLZ. In this way, you can soothe your training requirements.

Plus Points

You can also use this speed tracker for basketball, golf, football, soccer, and multiple others.

It comes with a circumference of 9 inches. Don’t worry about the distance; it can serve its performance from 46 feet to 60 feet. You have no need to think too much about your age or the level of your skill.

The battery is replaceable to give you greater reliability. The battery style is LR41 to offer you non-stop performance. Plus, its white appearance and round body, suit each other very excellently.


  • Readings are too accurate
  • Look very attractive
  • Very less in price
  • Very easy to use
  • Ideal for training


  • Not for professionals
  • Range is low

How To Choose The Best Baseball Radar Gun (Buyer’s Guide)

Finding the best performing radar gun is not very easy. You have to filter the selected product from a number of criteria.

In addition to accuracy, you cannot ignore the battery life, its size, speed range, budget, and more. Let us discuss all the points and things to consider before a baseball radar gun.

Determining Your Level

Before going for purchase one should know what the working level is. Either you are a professional and want to train international players or you are using it on a smaller level.

As a small trainer, you can buy a cheaper product. It would be enough for you. On the other side, if you are a coach of a major league, then go for the best possible product. After all, the whole match and results are based on you.

Similarly, to train the international players your choice for the radar gun should be according to your responsibility.


First, determine your position as a speed analyzer or coach and then go for a respective choice. If you are a coach of an international game, or a super league is starting, consider what the range of radar guns is. You should be clear about where you would standing and what would be your distance from the pitcher.

Your angle also matters a lot. You may stand at right or far from the main plate. If you are a coach of a small league, then you have no need to get a radar gun with a higher range. On the other hand, for a game of a higher level, it is compulsory to get a radar gun that offers a good range.

On the dark side, if this aspect is neglected, the result would never be accurate. You may encounter a strong frustration during analyzing with bad impacts. So, consider your standing distance, choose range accordingly, and go to perfect results.


A good radar gun not only measures the speed of a baseball but also explores its angle. The main purpose of a speed analyzer is to tell you real-time results. If these results are not accurate, then the importance of a gun turns to zero.

No doubt, an accurate unit might be high in price. You should consider its features and performance while going for a purchase. Considering the comments of previous users is not a bad choice. In addition, the tag of the brand matters a lot. Some brands offer accuracy as a surety regardless of the price. While others give this feature to the expensive product only.

Moreover, the model and last calibration cannot be neglected to check the accuracy level of the radar gun in question. The advanced version of the same product might come with good accuracy. As a coach, consider all these factors and then go for the final purchase.


Your choice of a radar gun should be according to the purpose of use. This may affect your selection. No doubt, the radar gun is meant to check the speed. But, which type of speed do you want to focus on? It might be a pitch speed, base running speed, hit speed, or more.

The specific radar gun may build to analyze a specific type of speed. Other speeds; may provide secondary functions. You should be clear about what type of speed you want to measure. Not all types of radar guns provide the facility of storing results. So, if you aim session reviewing to check the progress, then go for the model that records the results.

On the other hand, consider a bit expensive unit, if you want to make the pitching speed better. When you do not go for a perfect selection according to usage, it may affect adverse effects.


The size of a radar gun is not a very prominent feature and, sometimes, neglected by users. As a result, they feel uncomfortable when they have to hold it for multiple hours. You know, it is a baseball league or training, the session continues for multiple hours. Here comes the importance of size arises.

Try to choose the smallest size available from the whole choice. It would support you in the longest match. You would not face any difficulty lifting it for a longer time in a specific direction. Or you may not have a gripping issue with a smaller unit.

On the other side, when you pick a bit large radar gun; you get tired to manage it in your hands. The angle may get wrong with the result of false readings. So, choose the smallest size, stay fresh, and focused.

Battery Life

A radar gun comes with multiple battery types that may vary in chemical composition, size, and more. The battery style may be rechargeable or non-rechargeable. Try to pick the radar gun that uses a rechargeable battery of size AA or AAA.

No one wants the gun to stop working when it needs some more time. The rechargeable batteries continue for multiple hours. That’s why we are recommending this type here. This type can serve you for a whole day without stopping.

On the other hand, if you want another kind of battery, it may stop during a match and leave you with to change at once to continue your work. This might be quite frustrating as no one wants to be disturbed while measuring the speed. After all, the whole league depends on the radar gun decision.

In short, pick the rechargeable battery and stay satisfied during the whole job.

Portability And Use

A large variety of radar guns is available for sale; from heavy to light and bigger to smaller. A heavy radar gun is not the criteria that it would work better. A product with a smaller size and lightweight may also provide better results. While going for a radar gun purchase, consider its weight and size. If it would be light in weight, you would easily carry it anywhere on the ground.

Its weight and size might be the same as a remote control or even shorter. It is worth it when you lift the radar gun like nothing. If the weight is high, then you may be tired in the initial hours of the game. The result might be dispersed attention followed by wrong results that cannot be tolerated as a coach. This is because the whole match depends on the coach.

The best solution is to keep portability in mind when going for a purchase.

Speed Range

As a professional or a good coach, it’s your duty to measure the ball speed regardless of the speed. The ball speed might be low or fairly high. You need to have a radar gun with a good speed range. So, keep this feature in mind when going for its purchase.

The device should be sharp enough and ready to use to detect the fast-moving ball. You know, with high speed, a ball covers a greater distance. Here comes the demand for a good distance range. These two features work parallel. As a result, for a larger league, try to get a radar gun with a decent speed limit and distance range.

Alternatively, when you do not focus on these features and come with less speed limit and distance range, then its function would be limited. You might not have good training because your high ball speed limit is not known by the trainer.


Keep in mind that you should keep your budget high if you want to serve as a coach for a large league or you are giving training for the same level of players. After all, a high-priced product comes with larger accuracy.

Moreover, high-priced products serve you for a longer time and are very active to give you faster readings. Normally, radar guns with high prices come with a rechargeable battery and give you non-stop service for a whole day. So, if you are a professional coach or trainer, try to keep your budget a bit strong.

On the other hand, if your budget is not very high; you can pick the gun that offers you the most demanding and necessary features in the given budget. These might be accuracy, speed limit, and distance range. With the low budget, we recommend you to go for a very famous brand. This is so, brands with a good name never compromise over quality even for cheaper products.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a speed radar gun measure pitching speed?

The radar gun measures the pitching speed based on frequency. Actually, a typical radar gun throws the waves of a certain frequency in the surrounding by the transmitter. As the ball flows, it also gains a certain unique frequency.

The transmitted waves strike the moving ball and bounces back to the radar gun. In this process, the frequency of transmitted waves changed. This altered frequency is detected by the receiver of the radar gun and shows it in the form of speed after applying a certain formula.

You can say that it uses frequency as the basis to find the speed. This is the basic rule of the Doppler effect that is adapted by a radar gun.

How accurate are baseball radar guns?

Generally, more expensive radar guns are more accurate. They give you accurate results within a long distance. Their accuracy level is wide enough to provide accurate results within the range of 1 mile per hour.

Keep in mind, this accuracy level may vary from brand to brand. If a brand has a good level, then it would give you products with nicer accuracy. On the other hand, those radar guns that are less in price may not give you accurate results or their accuracy level would be functional only within a shorter range. Plus, their accuracy may vary with the increasing ball speed.

What is the accurate distance to measure pitching speed?

The distance to measure the pitching speed accurately depends upon the speed limit and distance range. Typically, you need to stand at a distance of 100 feet away from the player in an open space. The accurately measured distance may be varied by multiple features.

For a large league, you may have to place the device at the farthest distance to provide the maximum coverage to the radar gun. For a small league, this distance may be shorter according to the available space. The second point to consider is that your device should have enough range to cover a large distance.

Can I use a baseball speed radar gun for tennis, softball, and other sports?

Yes, the baseball radar guns can be used to measure the speed of softball, tennis, and more. Actually, the main aim of a radar gun is to capture the speed. It follows the Doppler effect to measure this speed. All the sports including cricket, softball, tennis, lacrosse, volleyball, and more have the moving ball. So, the baseball radar gun can serve to measure their speed.

Alternatively, the market has specific radar guns according to each sport to measure their ball speed. So, if their specific device is not available you can go for a baseball radar gun as an alternate option.

What is the best place to put the radar gun to measure speed accurately?

The best place to put the radar gun is the end of the baseball or tennis court. Choose the place that is far enough from the player. So, the device would have a clear approach to the ball frequency. The second point to consider when placing the radar gun is an angle.

Place the radar gun from where the direction of the ball is straight towards or away from the device. It would give a perfect angle to measure the frequency and hence, speed. Plus, consider the distance limit of the device and choose the length accordingly.

How much does a baseball radar gun cost?

The cost of a radar gun varies from brand to brand and model to model. You will get expensive to cheap radar guns in the market. The lowest price may be around $50 and the highest price may be higher than $1000.

These prices of famous brands are generally higher. The less famous or new brand may offer a radar gun at a small price. The expensive product comes with great accuracy and speed limit. If you are professional then you can buy an expensive product. On the other hand, if you are a trainer of a small coach, a less expensive unit would be feasible for you.

Where can I buy a radar gun for baseball?

Baseball is a famous game so, the market is full of its products. A baseball radar gun is equally important as baseball itself. You can purchase this product from any sporting goods store in the United States. There might be multiple stores around you that sell these types of goods.

On the other hand, if you do not find any sports-related shop, then you can order it online. Multiple stores are available online that are offering this product. Which way you adopt to purchase a radar gun depends on your feasibility.

Final Thoughts & Recommendations for Best Radar Guns

We have discussed the best baseball radar gun of the year. This device is very specialized to measure the pitching speed. With the help of this unique product, every play can get updates about his performance and he can improve his throw if needed.

After a clear study on the top baseball radar guns, we finalized with a result that you will get a large type of radar gun, but we cannot declare all as good. After this result, we separated the top radar guns that might fit best for you as a professional or a trainer.

In the end, we would recommend you two most amazing radar guns. The first product to recommend is Pocket Baseball Radar Gun. This unit is not very pricey. With the low budget, you can get its amazing services. This model is good for major leagues and gives consistent readings.

With a bit higher budget, you can purchase Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar. With the good speed range, it fulfills the requirements of FCC that make it safe to use. Moreover, this product is portable and delivers accurate results. Its small size and lightweight do not allow you to get tired or divert your attention.

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