Do Baseball Radar Guns Work On Cars?

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Do baseball radar guns work on cars?

Yes, it does work! But there are some things you need to know before using one. It’s important that you understand how these devices work.

While police can’t use them as they’re not government-certified, baseball radar guns can help detect the speed of a vehicle. Some models have an auto racing mode built expressly for this purpose, but the radar gun needs to be parked and pointed straight at the moving vehicle to obtain a reasonably accurate reading.

What would you actually measure when using the radar gun on a car?

A radar gun measures how quickly you approach the radar gun. It records how long it takes for the beam to bounce back after reaching your vehicle and returning. It continuously compares the time to determine if you’re coming closer or going away from it.

If you drove around it in a large circle, coming at it on one side of the circle but not on the other side, the time to bounce back will be different. If you are driving in a complete circle around it, this will show 0 speed since the distance was constantly changing while the radar gun remained stationary due to its size and counterbalance weight.

What would you need to do if you wanted an accurate measurement of a car’s speed?

You must: 1) Ensure that the radar was in place and aimed directly at the moving vehicle; and 2) Make sure it isn’t affected by other moving objects, such as the car itself. Here’s a sample scenario to illustrate this: you have a vehicle going 30 mph with a radar gun traveling 5 MPH. The speed of the automobile is then only 25 mph since the gun is traveling in the opposite direction.

Would holding or pointing the radar gun directly at the car make a difference?

The radar gun would need to be stationary and positioned directly at the moving vehicle to get a relatively precise reading.

Positioning is key to getting a relatively precise reading of the car’s speed. The radar gun would need to be stationary and positioned directly at the moving vehicle for the best efficiency.

Why do you need the radar gun to be stationary?

You would need the radar gun to be stationary so that it is not affected by other objects in motion, like the car itself. Otherwise, you will get a skewed reading on the speed of the vehicle while taking into account that of the radar gun itself.

Do Baseball Radar Guns Work on Cars Conclusion

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