Are Baseball Radar Guns Accurate?

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The answer is yes. Whether you use a radar gun to check to pitch speed or any other moving object, you can trust its precision. We all know that the baseball radar gun is one of the most important tools in baseball. It’s used by players, coaches, and fans alike to measure how fast a pitch is thrown.

How Accurate Are Baseball Radar Guns?

Due to technological advances, the accuracy of these speed guns has increased over the years. Today it’s easy to find an affordable baseball radar gun that can accurately measure within 1 mile per hour – almost as accurate as an official Major League Baseball team measuring device.

In addition, a baseball radar gun is technically considered a ‘scientific instrument,’ so it needs to be manufactured and tested according to the appropriate standards. So manufacturers, therefore, have a massive role in how accurate they are.

However, once it’s in the user’s hands, you have to make sure you follow some general guidelines for accurate readings:

  • The radar gun needs to be correctly calibrated. Follow the instructions included with your radar gun to calibrate correctly.
  • Are you using the gun correctly, as explained in the instructions?
  • Since a radar gun is highly sensitive to any device that gives off frequencies and vibrations, your reading can be skewed or interrupted. So make sure these types of devices are not around.
  • Are you locking on to the right target? You can accidentally measure the wrong thing.

As the saying goes… a baseball radar gun is only as good as the person using it.

There are many different baseball radar guns available, so finding one that suits your needs may take some time. Read the ultimate guide here with reviews about different brands of speed guns before purchasing to help you find the best option for you.

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