How To Improve Pitching And Hitting With A Baseball Radar Gun

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I frequently get inquiries from baseball and softball players about how a baseball radar gun might enhance pitching and hitting. We’ll go over a few reasons why I believe they’re a fantastic tool for assisting in improving any player’s skills in this post.

Let’s examine how a radar gun might enhance pitching and hitting.

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How A Radar Gun Can Enhance Hitting And Pitching

Almost any sport you can think of where speed plays a role can benefit from using radar guns. Radar guns are an excellent training tool for any sport, including baseball, softball, tennis, lacrosse, and lacrosse.

No matter where you go, pitchers and batters will always work out.

I think it makes sense to make the most of each practice session if you’re practicing pitching and hitting.

Why not employ a technology that can accelerate and enhance the pitcher’s improvement as they work to become great pitchers?

I practice with my athletes and kids to help them perform better on the field. Incorporating the use of a radar gun throughout such drills is a terrific approach to inspire students to learn and aid in their performance.

How Using A Radar Gun Can Help Pitching

The main factor in players’ interest in radar guns is pitching, so let’s get started with that.

Pitching Grips

You’d be surprised at the difference in velocity a minor change in the grip on a four-seam fastball can make.

I mainly use a radar gun to make minor modifications to the grip and pressure used to see what provides the most significant increase.

Note: I aim to limit bullpen sessions to 50 pitches or fewer, depending on my age and skill.

During these sessions, my pitchers will only be allowed to focus on one pitch.

Until I believe the pitcher has found the grip that will work the best for them, we will adjust grips and pressure locations.

After that, I’ll log the lost 25 pitches to demonstrate to the pitcher how the changes to grip and pressure have boosted speed.

You can do this on any pitch!

The changeup is one of my preferred pitches. I help pitchers realize pitching is more complicated than throwing 100 MPH. 

It is showing them a change-up. It’s a good combo to their fastball, especially for younger ages.


Body Mechanics

Just as crucial as pitching grips is teaching appropriate form.

You can achieve significant increases in speed with small changes to delivery and form.

When they practice pitching, I demonstrate to them how these small changes can result in gains by using a baseball radar gun to help them improve their form.

You can speculate all you want, but without the evidence offered by a baseball radar gun, it is only speculation.

With most players, I can change their form and pitching grips and immediately notice improvements of 5 mph.

This is all thanks to the use of a baseball radar gun.


How Using A Radar Gun Can Help With Hitting

The batter’s stance and swing form are equally important in hitting as pitching.

I measure the ball exit velocity during batting practice using a radar gun.

I’m still in awe of how you can significantly improve a batter’s ability to smash the ball harder with a baseball radar gun by making only a few small changes to their form.

Singles may quickly become doubles and doubles into triples by increasing the speed of the ball by 5 to 10 MPH.

As I previously stated, attempting to establish which form gives the player the best performance without using a one is merely conjecture.

The Pocket Radar Ball Coach is the radar gun I use the most personally. Thanks to this radar gun, I can simultaneously measure the pitch speed and exit speed of a batted ball.

Although not all radar guns have this feature, many do. It’s not a requirement, but it makes it mighty convenient.


Improving Hitting And Pitching Conclusion

My two primary uses for baseball radar guns are pitching and hitting.

However, you can use it in other drills like base running, throws from the outfield, throws on the infield, and throws from the catcher to the bases.

You can avoid many stolen bases by using a radar gun to assist catchers in developing their skills.

Your infielders will learn how to start making double and even triple plays if you use the radar gun to teach them perfect form and mechanics.

Using a radar gun during practice will assist athletes in getting better at all facets of their game.

I have been using radar guns for a long time, and I rely on the information they produce to assist players in performing to their fullest ability.

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of using numerous radar guns in my profession. 

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